Together Victoria



     is a grassroots organization of local residents dedicated to creating an affordable, inclusive, and thriving city. We want more people to see themselves and their issues represented in local politics. Everyone deserves to be heard.


  • Our Plan


    Our City Council must take bold action to address Victoria’s affordability crisis. We will work with residents, businesses, communities, and social providers to identify ways to reduce the cost of living for everyday Victorians. We will tackle the escalating cost of living in Victoria head on by implementing innovative solutions to make housing more affordable, transportation more accessible, and communities more family-friendly.


    Our City Council can do more to ensure all Victorians are heard and that their needs are addressed. We want to improve neighbourhood consultations so it’s easy for residents and community organizations to share their perspectives. We want to bring the community together on pressing issues that are not getting the attention they deserve, such as the growing youth homelessness challenge. When we embrace the diversity of our city, we build a Victoria that works for all of us.


    Our City Council must continue to champion sustainability to create a thriving urban core for the people who work, live, and play here. We’re proud of the environmental leadership Victoria has shown so far, and we want to keep that momentum going. From transportation and infrastructure, to local programs and urban green spaces– we will embed sustainability into every decision we make. A thriving economy is also key to our sustainable future; we need to shore up our local economy and strengthen our city’s finances.


  • About

    Together Victoria would like to acknowledge that we are organizing on the homeland of the Lekwungen peoples, now known as the Songhees and Esquimalt Nations.

    We recognize that Turtle Island, now known as Canada and including the City of Victoria, was established through displacement and colonial violence. All levels of government, including municipal governments, have and continue to contribute to the colonization.


    2019/2020 Board of Directors

    Together Victoria is a grassroots organization run entirely by volunteers. Our board of directors are elected annually at a General Meeting. If you wish to contact the board of directors, please email [email protected]

    Constitution and Bylaws
    2018 Election Platform