The Housing Crisis


Victoria is in the midst of a housing crisis where people with good, middle class jobs can’t find or afford a place to live. And for those who are able to find a place to rent or a home to buy, the cost of housing is often taking up most of their paycheque. That’s not okay and we know we can do better.

If elected, housing affordability will be Sarah, Laurel, and Sharmarke’s top priority because this issue affects us all. Renters are being squeezed, our seniors are at risk, young families are priced out of the city, and small businesses are struggling to attract workers. Affordable housing isn’t a problem just for low-income households, it’s affecting working and middle class families as well.

The housing crisis a complex problem, and we have published a detailed standalone housing strategy. We will take a number of bold actions to address the crisis:

  • Triple the regional social housing commitment to 6,000 units
  • Have the city act as a co-developer of affordable housing
  • Make it easier to build “gentle density” in low-density neighbourhoods
  • Stabilize rents using newly granted rental zoning powers
  • Have 4,000 new rental housing units underway by 2023 across the city
  • Ensure half of all newly built housing is affordable
  • Set amenity contributions higher to make developers begin paying their fair share

We will push the province to ensure the housing market work for all Victoria. Our councillors will ask the province to:

  • Extend the Empty Homes tax to Victoria to crack down on housing speculation here
  • Introduce a simple and effective ‘Land Value Capture tax’ to replace a very confusing and ineffective density bonus system
  • Add protections for pet owners in rentals

These are bold proposals. But if we don’t take decisive action now, our city and our communities will pay the price for years to come.

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