Sustaining our Environment

Sustaining our Environment

We must preserve our region’s watershed and natural ecosystems. Laurel will vote against any motion that would push beyond the urban containment boundary in the Regional Growth Strategy.

The CRD has a critical role to play in ensuring that our region can feed itself in the long-term. It’s time we secure our food security future, starting by acting on the recommendations of farmers and food security experts made in the CRD Food & Agriculture Strategy, which includes:

  • Establishing and funding a Farmland Trust to acquire affordable land that can be farmed in perpetuity by future generations of young farmers.
  • Supporting young farmer programs to ensure the next generation of farmers get the skills, mentoring and access to land to keep growing the region’s agricultural economy.
  • Partnering with Indigenous communities to protect and restore native ecosystems, in particular the plants and animals that enable local Indigenous peoples to practice their traditional culture.

Changes in the global recycling markets, especially in China, mean that shipping our recyclables overseas is no longer a long-term solution. Meanwhile, over 30% of the waste going into the landfill is actually organic matter - wasted food that is contributing to methane emissions and taking up our limited landfill space. We want to work towards a circular economy - where the natural resources in our waste stream can be recycled into new products, soil for farmers and biogas energy that can power our homes.

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