Strengthening Our Neighbourhoods

Strengthening Our Neighbourhoods

A more inclusive city starts at the neighbourhood level, but neighbourhood organizations don’t always get the support that they need to make getting involved worthwhile. And when people do get involved in City Hall’s decision-making process, they often feel like their contributions are unheard and unvalued. We are committed to allowing residents a direct role in the shaping of their city.


Every neighbourhood resident who wants a voice in consultations should have one, not just those who are able to attend the meeting. We support the creation of a new online system for consultations, including developments, rezoning, and community planning. And additional measures, such as child-minding, will make in-person consultations easier to access.


Make it easier for neighbourhood organizations and community non-profits to deliver community services like childcare, farmers’ markets, gathering spaces, festivals, and others. When neighbourhoods have ideas that promote a more vibrant and inclusive city, City Hall should be source of support, not a source of barriers.


Increase neighbourhood influence on how infrastructure and amenities are selected, including exploring neighbourhood-level participatory budgeting. We’ll strengthen CALUC members’ ability to influence the process by having city staff provide annual training on development and zoning.

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