LGBTQ2S Inclusion

A safer and more welcoming place for everyone

The measure of an inclusive city is how safe and welcomed every resident feels - and we know that we can make Victoria a more welcoming city.


Make Victoria a leader in LGBTQI2s inclusion - real progress has been made in recent years, now it is time to follow through on opportunities to show leadership. Moving forward, we support the development of a community space and resource hub for the LGBTQI2s community in Victoria and develop a new standing Diversity and Inclusion LGBTQI2s Advisory Committee to make recommendations to City Council and staff. We will also implement the City's 2017 commitment to gender neutral toilets in municipal washrooms and require all new large developments to have gender neutral washrooms.

We would like to follow the lead of the federal and provincial government and mandate Gender-Based Analysis Plus (GBA+) training for council and city staff, and ensure all major City policies, plans and investments consider the realities and inequalities of diverse groups of people.

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