Improve Fiscal Discipline at City Hall

Improve Fiscal Discipline at City Hall

Together Victoria has an ambitious vision for our city and we need to ensure fiscal discipline to move forward on these priorities. Therefore, it is critical we take a hard look at the city’s operations and procurement processes. And we need to have the political courage to tackle the source of the biggest cost pressure on the city’s budget.


It is clear that City Hall doesn’t have the trust of most Victorians when it comes to providing cost-effective services and controlling infrastructure costs. We would push to establish a standing Oversight and Personnel Committee of the City Manager, Mayor and three councillors, who would meet bi-weekly to monitor the implementation of the city’s budget, projects and priorities, investigate concerns with staff conduct, and report quarterly to council. We would also push to conduct a salary and performance review for senior staff at city hall.


Public safety is one of our municipality’s biggests costs and Victoria residents pay a disproportionate share of the region’s policing costs. The City of Victoria must call on the province to ensure that policing costs are reasonable and that other municipalities pay their fair share towards regional public safety activities. Supporting amalgamation of regional policing with Oak Bay, Saanich and Central Saanich Police Departments will reduce costs and improve public safety.

We are also concerned with the growing trend for police to be reallocated to social work activities, when professional social workers may be better trained and more cost effective for the same role.

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