Climate and Environmental Protection


Thanks to the visionary conservation efforts of previous generations, our city’s natural beauty is unrivalled. We now bear this responsibility– to preserve Victoria for future generations, and to do our part as an eco-conscious community in the fight against climate change.

Meeting our Climate Commitments

The city is not on pace to meet its climate targets. Immediate action must be taken on retrofitting building, transit ridership, and organic waste for Victoria to live up to its environmental commitments.

Protecting our Ecosystems

Ecological conservation doesn’t just happen on its own. It takes active, conscientious leadership with the foresight to recognize the value of natural spaces. Let’s protect, nourish, and grow these resources.


Our members and candidates strongly oppose the construction of the Kinder Morgan pipeline. The risk to our coastline is too great, the impact on the climate is too large, and the project does not have Indigenous consent.

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