An Inclusive City


City Council must do more to ensure that all Victorians are heard and that their needs are addressed. When we embrace the diversity of our city, we build a Victoria that works for all of us.

Strengthening Our Neighbourhoods

It’s time to empower our neighbourhoods– from online consultation to providing childcare at meetings, organizational support to participatory budgeting, we need to help our communities play an active role in the shaping of their city.

Safer Nightlife

Adopt a safe nightlife campaign to end sexual harassment and assault in our nightlife venues, and push for late-night transit hours to ensure safe rides home.

Immigrant and Refugee Integration

Victoria can become one of the best cities for immigrants and refugees in Canada with specific measures aimed at integration, protection, and cultural support.  

A Leader in LGBTQ2S Inclusion

Victoria has made major strides towards LGBTQ2s inclusion, but there’s still more to do. Now is the time to follow through on opportunities to show leadership.

An Accessible City

Too much of our infrastructure is inaccessible to people with accessibility challenges. We will ensure infrastructure and services are designed to be accessible for all.

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