An Affordable City


City Council must recognize that Victoria’s households are feeling the pinch. In addition to our housing plan, we will tackle the rising cost of living head on with solutions to make transportation and our communities more affordable and family-friendly.

Transportation that Works

More people are coming downtown than ever before, and more people are living in the city than ever before. If we can’t shift more journeys to alternative transportation methods, our roads won’t be able to cope.

A Better Bus Service

We will work with BC Transit on a number of changes to make our bus service cheaper and better, including free transit for everyone under the age of 18 and tying fares to income.

People-Powered Journeys

Walkability and safety in residential neighbourhoods is paramount, and more bike storage is needed downtown.

Helping Families Succeed in Victoria

With a 0% vacancy rate for family-sized housing and multi-year waitlists for childcare, new parents are fleeing Victoria. We must ensure that a new child doesn’t mean families have to pack-up and move to the suburbs.  We will make it easier and more affordable for young families to call Victoria home.

Cost Relief for Parents

Seize the opportunity to fund new childcare spots, provide free intro swimming lessons, and invest in sports equipment libraries.

Healthy Kids

Involve our classrooms in local gardening projects, create new neighbourhood meal programs, and build more playgrounds and parklets.

Respect Our Seniors

We need an action plan that covers access to city services and looks at quality of life from a senior’s perspective is needed. Our approach to existing and new housing must be aligned to our seniors’ needs.

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