The Capital Regional District (CRD) has a large role in many of the issues that impact Victoria residents the most, including our water supply, parks like Elk and Thetis Lake, the Hartland Landfill, and the regional housing authority. The CRD is out of mind for most of us due to complex structures of accountability and deliberations that move at a glacial pace, but it is critical to our region’s well-being.

In addition to a seat on Victoria City Council, Laurel Collins is also running to serve on the CRD Board to bring new ideas and a fresh urgency to some key issues. We need the CRD working effectively to successfully tackle our biggest regional challenges: housing affordability, transportation, and sustainability.

Working for Affordability

The CRD plays a huge role in the construction of affordable housing in our region. New ways of working are needed to tackle the scope of this problem.  

Keeping us Moving

Push for more input in the planning of our highways, and expand our campgrounds and multi-use trails in response to their exceptional popularity.

Sustaining our Environment

Take action to support our farmers and local food sources, and protect our natural watershed and ecosystems by opposing development outside the urban containment boundary.

Reconciliation at the CRD

Include First Nation governments in regional decisions that affect their rights and interests.

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